Monday, 24 January 2011

A game of 2 sexes

It was so refreshing to see a female official during Liverpool's visit to Wolves on Saturday afternoon. If nothing else it proves that women certainly can and do understand the off-side rule.

I think it's fantastic that women are being acknowledged, not only as being genuine supporters of the game but taken seriously and given the same chances to make a career out of the sport.

So I was pretty gutted when I heard the news today about the dinosaurs at Sky - Andy Gray and Richard Keys...and I was planning a good old rant but my good pal has beaten me to it in a far more eloquent manner than I could hope to match:

So instead I'd like to make a special mention of Kenny Daglish and his daughter Kelly for their amusing responses to the story.

Kenny Dalglish sat down for a press conference and as a female reporter took her position at the front Kenny turned to the Sky reporters next to her and said "Are you boys alright with her being here?" which was met by the correct proportions of shame on the part of the Sky reporters and laughter by everyone else.

Following that Kelly tweeted a sarcastic comment on her twitter account claiming she was exhausted from learning about the off-side rule and needed to buy some shoes to recover!

If Andy Gray and Richard Keys imagine for even a second that the daughters of some of the most successful sportsmen in the country don't understand the rules of the game then they really should be ashamed of themselves.

It is really quite remarkable that Gray & Keys can be so narrowminded and shortsighted when amongst their own peers there are successful, popular and knowledgeable female reporters who have grown up living and breathing football in much the same way as I would imagine any female referee/lineswoman would.

Wind up the clock boys, it's 2011. You pair of old fashioned sexist fools.