Friday, 4 February 2011

Get outta here you goddam skier!

get outta here you goddam skier!

Skier has become my new buzz word for anyone who is rude or arrogant following many incidents of close shaves on the slopes.

Today for example we went for lunch in the restaurant at the top of the "gondola" ski lift and had a play in the snow. It's our last day if holiday, my boyfriend's birthday and I can see again thanks to the eyedrops and optrex doing a speedy job on my eye. 

So apart from the arrogance of dropping skis in our path and skiing as closely as possible to us and flicking snow in our face we had one skier stare at us as we were getting the gondola back down. Actually stopped and stared at us. Yes pedestrians getting the lift down what a scandal!

I dunno what they've got to be so arrogant about - they use 2 bits of wood and sticks. snowboarders do it sideways with nothing to hold on to. Probably just annoyed because boarders look way cooler!

So I just went the spa again. It wasn't as good today because I went later and it was busy. I waited ages for a jacuzzi to half clear so I could get in there for a bubbly watery massage. I snuck in opposite 2 guys and an older woman who all eventually got out leaving me alone for at least 1 second before a couple got in sitting across from each other talking. Not in English but the tone was suggestive. after a while the guy rests his head back and raises his feet for his girlfriend to rub.

Apart from the loud talking ruining my calm I now feel like I've inadvertently wandered onto the set of a porno. As if to emphasise the point the guy sits up and floats over to his girlfriend who he starts kissing. 

I fought back the urge to raise my hand and say "erm excuse me - not sure if you noticed me here... might want to get a room?" because I get the feeling  their conversation was probably something along the lines of "let's start getting romantic so she gets uncomfortable and leaves". I assume they are skiers.

Damn them - their plan worked... but not before 2 more girls got in! still my quiet was broken and I decided it was time to leave.

Next year though I am getting me a 5 day pass and hitting the spa as soon as it opens each day! 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Eye ruined my holiday...

eye ruined my holiday!

Well it was bad enough spraining my wrist on day 1 of a snowboarding holiday but I managed to make the trip even worse by getting an eye infection. 

Yes that's right I'm now making everyone feel a bit awkward by sitting around with a constant stream of tears running down one side of my face. 

It actually started on day 1 when I woke up with something in my eye. It watered for an hour and then felt fine and was soon forgotten when I fell on my wrist. The next morning however, I awoke with the same irritation which again seemed to heal after an hour or so although I did spend most of day 2 crying in frustration at not being able to play out in the snow with everyone, lift my own brew or even cut my own food up. 

Yesterday - day 3 I was really surprised to wake up with the same thing except on this day it didn't get better. I came to the conclusion that I must have a spot or something on the inside of my eyelid which causes irritation particularly when I close my eyes. Well that's just brilliant isn't it? 

We had a lovely day. My boyfriend and I took a ride up towards the top if the mountain and played in the snow. It was lots of fun. Brilliant thick snow that came up to my knees in parts and the sun was bright and warm. except that the sun was really hurting my eye and I could barely open it. 

Eventually I decided to find the pharmacy and the lady serving me took one look at my face and said "oh you've got a problem" in a delightful French accent while reaching for a bottle of optrex and some antiseptic eye drops. 

Now might be a good time to mention how squeamish I am when it comes to eyes. Having a problem with my eye is the worst possible thing that could happen. I get into a state over the glaucoma test at the opticians! 

But I returned and washed my eye as best I could with optrex and my boyfriend put the drops in my eye. 

Today however I can barely keep my eye open. It waters constantly until I have to close it but closing it hurts more. My eye is red and swollen and the light hurts it. I have turned into a vampire!

So I spent all day wearing sunglasses in a dark room apparently crying from 1 eye but trying really hard not to be miserable and hoping that the constant stream of "tears" is flushing some kind of badness away. 

Now I'm sat wearing sunglasses in a bar with wifi trying to watch the Liverpool game on a laptop. I feel like a goddam jackass wearing shades at night and indoors. 

On the plus side I can cut up my own food again!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

From hero to villain

from hero to villain.

His arm band said he was a red but his conduct approaching the transfer deadline said he was a spiteful selfish fraud. 

Fernando Torres joined Liverpool as a self confessed Liverpool fan. he worked hard and won the hearts of the fans. 

Following a fantastic season which saw Liverpool finish 2nd in the league we had a disastrous season which some may blame on losing our star player through injury. 

After that Torres was a different player. Moody and frustrated he looked unhappy and out of sorts on the pitch. Made of glass we again played many games without him. 

We allowed him to miss the end of the season to get knee surgery in time for the world cup. Spain won but Torres pulled up injured during the final. 

The upheaval of owners and managers had an unsettling effect and no one played to their best ability but the return to the helm of King Kenny had a dramatic effect on the whole team - with Torres seeming to have benefitted the most. 

But then 2 days before the transfer window closed Torres handed in a transfer request. Not only choosing not to honour his commitment to the club and fans  but forcing us to spend record amounts on new players as we desperately needed to fill his boots. 

The ultimate betrayal, Torres was pictured with the Chelsea shirt saying "he's always wanted to play for a big club" 

Torres says he left because we weren't spending any money. although he submitted his request after we agreed terms for Suarez. 

Torres had the makings of an Anfield legend, looked up to by children and adults alike. A hero. He could've been remembered throughout the annals of history alongside Dalglish and Rush, but his conduct this week will see his future memory as just another player. 

I dread to think what will happen when we visit Stamford bridge next week but I hope that the betrayal of a hero and the devastation of the fans will spur the players to go out there and win... and then go on to beat Chelsea to a champions league place and become Champions league winners 2012...

Torres can go lament his mistake with former Liverpool player Michael Owen - he also left us to win stuff in Europe didn't he?