Friday, 6 November 2009

Leave Rafa Alone

It's not always easy being a Liverpool fan. We're like the under dogs of the top 4 - and yes I know, at least we are one of the top 4, but while we are up there, considered alongside Arsenal, Chelsea and the Scum, sometimes the difference between us and them seems mammoth. I'm pretty sure fans and players alike take for granted that Man U are going to win no matter who they play - and for the most part, they do. But while on paper we surely should win, we can never say for certain that we will.

Ironically when we meet one of our big rivals we pull out all the stops and we seem to fight more, and we've won some games which perhaps we weren't expecting...i bet Man U assumed given our run of bad luck it's be a walk in the park to take 3 points off us. But as if we're going to let Man U do that. So why do we let Fulham do it?

The difference i see between us and the other top 4 teams is the strength in the squad. Last season we finally had our starting eleven sorted and it worked like a dream, but what happens when one of the first eleven can't play? if the rest of the squad is rubbish then we're going to suffer when the likes of Gerrard or Torres are injured.

Of course then Alonso left, and christ if we haven't been allowed to forget it by every Red who can be arsed ringing phone-ins to complain - what sort of people do that anyway?? "We want Alonso back" "We're missing Alonso" and everyone's complaining about Rafa because Alonso has gone - Alonso chose to go. Rafa never wanted to lose him anymore than any of us did. But as much as I love my home, given the choice between living and raising a family in your home town in Spain and living and raising a family in Liverpool... can we really blame him for wanting to leave?

Rafa's got a long term plan, get the perfect starting eleven, then strengthen the rest of the squad. It's not his fault one of his key players left, and i reckon from the small glimpse we've had of Aquilani, he will be really good, but he needs time to gt familiar with the team and settle in. We're not going to have the answer over night.

Maybe this isn't our Season, and yes, that's so disappointing given how close we came last season, but there's next season and the one after... It's a marathon not a sprint and we have to get off Rafa's case, because it's not his fault his key players are injured...

Perhaps they should rethink International Duty. Why can't all the qualifiers be played in the close season? at least then the England Squad would get a decent run of time to train and play together, and they could stop disrupting our domestic season and ruining all our players.