Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Cubital Tunnel takes its Toll

I've been suffering with a lot of pain in my right hand these last few weeks. I always blame any pain to my hand on an old injury when I was playing footy in the park in London. I got pushed over and used my arm to break my fall. It flares up regularly but more so in winter.

So I finally went to my GP today to raise the issue. The pain of late has become so bad that it MAKES ME CRY like the girl I am. It's also causing me sleepless nights and my work is suffering. Spending most of my time on a computer, using a mouse and trying to create designs and animations takes its toll on a sore aching hand.

The doctor explained to me that the Ulnar nerve that runs down the back of the arm, across the elbow joint and down into the hand can be easily injured...just leaning on an arm rest, bending it consistently past 45 degrees. The only thing he could prescribe to me was to keep my arm and wrist off the desk when i'm typing or clicking.

Have you ever tried to draw on a computer without the hand steadying support of a desk?

Well I have. And it sucks!

On the plus side, if left untreated my hand will eventually deform and turn into a claw! Yay! I can go to TV fancy dress parties as Big Bird!

Obviously I did some googling. read other people's stories of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and from tomorrow will be the proud owner of an elbow support that will stop me bending my arm past 45 degrees.

Then maybe I'll get some sleep!

I hope the guy that pushed me over ten years ago stubs his toe. Every day!