Monday, 15 June 2009

What a difference a week makes.

Dexter is very cute. There we sit every Sunday afternoon watching a few more episodes. We can overlook the serial killer aspect coz well, he has some morals...and besides, he's a bit easy on the eye.

Dexter the kitten on the other hand is very very cute but very very annoying. Wherever you walk in the house there's this kitten trying to stand on your foot. His eyes notice every little movement and pounce on anything that stays still long enough for him to catch it - including arms legs fingers toes...

Tilly has learned to tolerate him but he tests her patience on minutely basis, trying to fight her...she makes the best noises and swipes him across the face with a bigger heavier and stronger paw, but he just comes back fighting!

Last week I was mostly being immobile. I had a bit of a cold the week before and apparently the virus spread to my muscles and I was unable to move my neck. I struggled into work for 2 days before it took over my arm and back and I couldn't even get out of bed without taking a few pain killers. The doctor couldn't give me anything to treat it because of the blood pressure tablets I'm taking. So my days were spent on the sofa, with a heat pad around my neck and painkillers close to hand. Pain killers that knocked me out within 10 minutes of taking them. It's a wonder I managed to watch any of the shield at all! And lucky I was at home coz I had a wall of stench around me caused my regular applications of Tiger Balm. None of this had any effect on my pain or my ability to move mind you, but psychologically I felt like I was doing something!

So finally by the weekend I had some mobility in my neck and I left my house for the first time in 3 days and went round to visit the cats, and my boyfriend, and play guitar hero. I've even progressed onto medium and laughed at my former week younger self who couldn't even complete a song on easy!

Incidentally my boyfriend, really is the best boyfriend ever. He brought me round some emergency milk rations midweek and made me a cuppa. It's the little things that matter you know!