Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The great Cream Soda disaster

I can’t remember the last time I was this upset at discovering a much loved item was no longer available to buy.

Asda has stopped selling their own brand diet cream soda cans.

The best cream soda ever made

Well this is just a disaster. It’s not just cream soda that’s been bumped off either, oh no. All their canned soft drinks have gone. Dandelion and burdock, another firm favourite of mine and my other half’s favourite, ginger beer.

I can’t believe it. I know it sounds silly to be so upset… Asda isn’t the only supermarket to sell fizzy pop. But it’s the best.

I’ve searched long and hard for the perfect cream soda and finally I found it. I can honestly say I’ve drank at least one can of Asda diet cream soda every day for the last 2 years. I buy six packs in my monthly shop.

I tried the Tesco one once, yuk, it was so sickly sweet it left a nasty after taste. And I tried the bottled Asda cream soda but it tastes of plastic and is flat before it’s even finished fizzing. There’s nothing worse than flat fizzy pop!

I’m so upset about it. I went into my local Asda today determined to buy all the remaining cans of pop – all they had was four packs of ginger beer – so at least him indoors is sorted for a few weeks.

imageThe last time I was this upset about a drink being unavailable was when they stopped making Schotts Vanilla Heist. There was a bar I used to drink in purely because they sold it. But then they stopped making it. And why was that my favourite drink you might ask? Well, it was basically alcoholic cream soda!

I love cream soda but since I found the perfect cream soda, all other brands taste horrible to me. I’m so upset about this.

Next they’ll be banning pizza and telling me they’ve made tea illegal.

Have you been affected by a favourite food or drink being unavailable? Share your woes below.

The great Cream Soda disaster