Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thank you Asda for restocking Cream Soda!

So after a terrible week or two with no soft drinks by other half found himself in the fizzy pop aisle at Asda and there before him was a new rebranded 4 pack of Cream Soda. He sent me a photo and then bought 24 cans!

I was worried. What if the new brand means a new supplier, what if it doesn’t taste the same. What if we’ve got 24 cans of super sweet liquid with a nasty after taste?

So I left my office, ran over to my local Asda across the road and I bought a pack for myself…

And it was just the same as the old cans! What a monumentous relief!!

Like Popeye gets his power from Spinach, I get my power from CreamSoda! Like Popeye gets his power from Spinach, I get my power from CreamSoda!

Now you might think I’ve made a fuss about nothing. But I put it to you – you may have a preference between Pepsi and Coke, you’ll notice the difference. You probably notice the difference between diet and the full fat full sugar kind too. And whichever your preference, while you might be willing to drink the other brands, it’ll never be as nice your favourite. Now imagine they go out of business and stop making that brand completely. Sure, you can put up with the other brands but it’ll never be the same. You might even drink less as a result. Or try a completely different flavour of soft drink all together.

When I went on my writing retreat last month, I took a 6 pack of cream soda with me. I drank it on the train while I travelled, I drank it while I was writing.But when they stopped selling it, I didn’t write at all.

This week, since I restocked my fridge with my favourite fizzy pop, I’ve written approximately 8000 words.

So you see: Asda Diet Cream Soda is integral to my work-life balance, making me happy and more productive.

Thanks, Asda, for not depriving me of my diet pop fix!

Thank you Asda for restocking Cream Soda!