Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Announcing the Wall of Awesome

For too long the term nerd has been a derogatory term used to bully and hurt the feelings of people who are actually destined for more success than their cool, probably attractive, but let’s be honest, stupid, school peers.

And while the nerds have taken the phrase back to wear as a badge of honour in these times when technology is the cool thing to do, it still has a negative image.

Picture a nerd and your mind probably jumps to the kid who wore glasses, the optional school blazer and got straight As in subjects like Maths and science and always had a note to exclude him from sport.

Or you picture an overweight, greasy, guy with thick glasses and bad teeth sat behind a computer.

Well… No more. I’m going to create a section on this website dedicated to all the awesome people who I believe fall under the definition of nerd while going against the stereotype that has plagued us for decades.

There’ll be profiles, interviews and guest posts.

So watch this space.

Announcing the Wall of Awesome