Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Taking a break from the Imperial City...

… But do steer clear of the gates of Oblivion.

For the first time in months we had nothing to watch and nothing to play. So we decided to take a trip to Cyrodill and see how our Nerd Leonard was getting on with the Elder Scrolls (4).


We’ve done it backwards – starting with Skyrim, in which we played a fearless high elf called Sheldon – we decided to create our own race for Oblivion – Nerd – and call our character Leonard, to continue our Big Bang Theory theme.

There’s something about the Elder Scrolls that just seems to transport us into a phantom zone between reality and holiday. In that it feels like it’s real, but we enjoy the sense of visiting new places.

Before going to bed last night I turned to my other half and said:

oh, you know that house we saw for sale? Well it’s 7000, I went and enquired up at the castle and the Count told me.

Now, doesn’t that sound like real life? (Apart from the castle and the count, oh and the price too!)

This is a game that sucks you in. We put it on for a quick visit and four hours disappeared.

But it’s a great game, the artwork is breathtaking and the missions that crop up in the course of just wandering around a small town are great fun to do.

I’m really enjoying being back there again and I hope Bethesda make more instalments… If only because I’ve still got to create Raj and Walowitz!

Taking a break from the Imperial City...