Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Book Signing: 4th October - Pritchards, Crosby

Well now this is a little bit exciting.

Not only are they stocking Inspired By Night, but I’ve just confirmed a date to do a book signing at Pritchards Bookshop in Crosby village where I grew up.

I’m especially excited because when I was child I used to spend most of my pocket money at Pritchards bookshop. When I close my eyes I can still picture the interior of the old shop (they had to relocate several years ago). I remember the long narrow shop, walking straight to the back where the children’s titles were. Stopping shorter as I got older.

I particularly remember buying Back Home by Michelle Magorian and marvelling at how big the book was – it was like a grown up book. I read that novel so many times.

I was regularly in there buying Christopher Pike books, Nancy Drew stories and then Sweet Valley High as I reached my teens.

As I got older I would order text books for school, but my particular favourite section, no matter what age I was, was the cartoon section – I don’t know how many Snoopy/Peanuts comic books I bought.

So I’m just a little bit excited because I have such a great affection for this bookshop, so many of my happy childhood memories are caught up in this beacon of literary delights. In a time when ebooks are king, I know that Pritchards has a fight on its hands to remain open.

I hope that all you dedicated readers out there will support their local independent books shops. Kindle might be cheap and feed your book addiction while being kind to your pockets, but don’t forget the bookshops that nurtured your love of reading from an early age.

So please come along on Saturday 4th October and say hi, maybe we can swap stories about the books we used to buy!

Book Signing: 4th October - Pritchards, Crosby