Monday, 5 May 2014

Jack's back, set up a perimeter.

After a 3 year break series 9 of 24 hits our screens tonight and I, for one, cannot wait.

Last week I drove past a billboard with a huge picture of Jack Bauer in London and I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Advert poster for 24

In anticipation of the new series, last month we started watching 24 from the beginning. We’re currently half way through series 3, David Palmer is still president and Jack Bauer is as badass as ever.

On the radio this weekend I heard a news presenter refer to a perimeter fence and giggled at how exciting that sounded. For months after first watching 24 I was constantly telling people to set up a perimeter or open a socket.

And like everyone who ever watched 24 my default affirmative response is copy that.

When Olivia and Steven attend Friday night drinks after work, at the end of Steven’s first week at Inspired Design, they sneak off to avoid Steven’s ex girlfriend and Olivia takes great pleasure in pretending she’s a secret agent. Naturally all of her comments were entirely inspired by 24.

I cannot wait to see Jack Bauer back on our screens again. I’m taking sweep stakes in how soon he says “dammit!”

We’ve decided to carry on watching the old series before we watch 24: Live Another Day, so by the time we reach it, it should be finished and we can watch it all in once go, rather than waiting week by week.

So if you’re watching it in real time…no spoilers, please!

Jack's back, set up a perimeter.