Sunday, 4 May 2014

"I've got a thing for sideburns."

One of the things the Editor in Chief at Xcite Books commented on, was that she’d never come across a thing for sideburns in anything she’d read before.

Olivia Jones has a thing for sideburns, and I guess she gets that from me.

Although I don’t consciously have a strong feeling either way about sideburns, but it was pointed out to me by my own boyfriend when I realised that, as much as I had a thing for David Tennant, I only liked him as The Doctor.

The tenth Doctor, David Tennant

“I just don’t seem to fancy him in anything else” I declared, “maybe it’s because he seems to play kinda creepy characters in everything else.” Secret Smile as a case in point.

“He just seems to look different, maybe it’s his hair or something.” I continued. In all honesty I felt kinda sad that I couldn’t commit to a poster pin-up.

David Tennant

“Sideburns” my boyfriend said, “he has sideburns in Doctor Who.”

And it was like fireworks went off in my head. That’s it. Something about sideburns changes the shape of his face and that’s where, in my opinion at least, his beauty lies.

I tested the theory further – Colin Firth… In Pride and Prejudice? Hell yes, in Bridget Jones? Hell yes,

Colin Firth as Mr Darcy

(And frankly Bridget was totally wrong when she said “you should rethink the length of your sideburns”).

In Fever Pitch? Not so much.
Colin Firth in Fever Pitch

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton in Series 1 of True Blood

Stephen Moyer – whispering “Sookeh” as the old fashioned southern vampire Bill Compton in series 1 of True Blood? Absolutely!

But in later series, when he’s all clean shaven and business like… Nah it’s Eric Northman all day long. Bill Compton lost his appeal when he pulled out his razor blade.

Bill Compton without sideburns

So. Sideburns then. I got a thing for them apparently. But my fella doesn’t have sideburns and I like him just fine. So I guess there’s more to this attraction thing than facial hair. But still, when you’re looking from afar, sideburns are pretty darn sexy

"I've got a thing for sideburns."