Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Writing Prep

I’ve started a new notebook which is quickly filling up with ideas, snippets of dialogue and timeline ideas for novel number two.

As I was writing up ideas, I remembered all those times at school, in English Literature classes, analysing novels. I never really understood the point of it, I used to think – it’s just a story, how do we know the author even had this big obsession with the imagery of windows* or whatever we were focussing on at the time.

It seemed like complete nonsense to me, analysing these stories, quotes, themes etc. And yet here I am, doing it in reverse. I have my idea, a vague plot to the story and I’m making notes along the lines of “this happens, and then later it is revealed that he was actually doing this” or “…this links back to the initial discussion in chapter 1″ or ” sows the seeds for the thing later”

Not that there will ever be a time when school children are analysing my novels… but if anyone does ever look a little more closely at my writing at least I’ll be able to confirm that it was all planned!


* I seem to recall there being an assignment on Wuthering Heights, analysing the use of windows  and doorways throughout the novel. Never made the slightest bit of sense to me!

Writing Prep