Friday, 22 August 2014

If this was a film who would play the main characters?

You have to think big, right? So when I started writing Inspired By Night I made a mental note that one day it would be awesome if it was turned into a film.

But who would play the characters?

Well it’s not that simple because who I pictured in the role and who could play the role are different. Actors can always be made up to look like a character, and truth is Steven and Olivia are much younger than myself and the actors I imagine playing them.


When I started writing I knew that anyone who knew me would recognise that Olivia is very (very) similar to me so to avoid anyone thinking of my other half when reading about Steven, I purposely described him as looking like David Tennant and built a bit of a dialogue around Olivia’s celebrity crush being The Tenth Doctor. For the actual publication all those references have been changed but feel free to imagine Steven looking a bit like The Doctor. In actual fact, the mental image I have of Steven Teller is more like Tom Ward (Harry Cunningham, Silent Witness) who, let’s be honest, looked like the Tenth Doctor before David Tennant did!

The reality is that, as he’s fresh out of university, both Tom Ward and David Tennant are too old to be Steven.

20140727-111302-40382461.jpgHaving recently watched Spider-Man 2 I couldn’t help thinking that Andrew Garfield would make a good Steven Teller, but again he’s probably getting a little old, although if he can get away with playing Peter Parker I’m sure he could pull off a university graduate.

I also think Colton Haynes would be a pretty good contender. The Arrow star who plays Roy is used to hanging around with a nerdy lady too. In fact there’s a few similarities between Olivia and Felicity Smoak.



For Olivia Jones, I see her as being a bit like Sara Gilbert as Lesley Winkle in the Big Bang Theory. She’s smart, dry, quick witted. I definitely see Olivia with nerdy glasses and brown curly hair.


In terms of age, I think Kat Dennings would be perfect for Olivia. The Thor actress is something of a self confessed nerd, so she’d have no trouble getting Olivia’s personality right.


Olivia’s best friend Ruth is pretty much based on my friend so I always just pictured her when I was writing it. But she’s not an actress so she can’t play herself!

I would like to see Mia Wasikowska in the role. She always reminded me of my Ruth when I saw her in Alice in Wonderland.


We never see what Chris looks like – he’s just the sexy commanding voice coming out of the computer speakers. Olivia believes (or hopes) he is the guy in the Facebook photos that looks like Angel.

As we don’t see Chris, I don’t know who would play him. Maybe it’s enough to just picture him looking like David Boreanaz.


Have you read it? How did you picture the characters?

If this was a film who would play the main characters?