Tuesday, 1 February 2011

From hero to villain

from hero to villain.

His arm band said he was a red but his conduct approaching the transfer deadline said he was a spiteful selfish fraud. 

Fernando Torres joined Liverpool as a self confessed Liverpool fan. he worked hard and won the hearts of the fans. 

Following a fantastic season which saw Liverpool finish 2nd in the league we had a disastrous season which some may blame on losing our star player through injury. 

After that Torres was a different player. Moody and frustrated he looked unhappy and out of sorts on the pitch. Made of glass we again played many games without him. 

We allowed him to miss the end of the season to get knee surgery in time for the world cup. Spain won but Torres pulled up injured during the final. 

The upheaval of owners and managers had an unsettling effect and no one played to their best ability but the return to the helm of King Kenny had a dramatic effect on the whole team - with Torres seeming to have benefitted the most. 

But then 2 days before the transfer window closed Torres handed in a transfer request. Not only choosing not to honour his commitment to the club and fans  but forcing us to spend record amounts on new players as we desperately needed to fill his boots. 

The ultimate betrayal, Torres was pictured with the Chelsea shirt saying "he's always wanted to play for a big club" 

Torres says he left because we weren't spending any money. although he submitted his request after we agreed terms for Suarez. 

Torres had the makings of an Anfield legend, looked up to by children and adults alike. A hero. He could've been remembered throughout the annals of history alongside Dalglish and Rush, but his conduct this week will see his future memory as just another player. 

I dread to think what will happen when we visit Stamford bridge next week but I hope that the betrayal of a hero and the devastation of the fans will spur the players to go out there and win... and then go on to beat Chelsea to a champions league place and become Champions league winners 2012...

Torres can go lament his mistake with former Liverpool player Michael Owen - he also left us to win stuff in Europe didn't he?