Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Holiday diets

Well the countdown is on to my summer holiday...my first summer holiday in 4 years, and my first holiday with BBE. First holiday with a boyfriend is huge isn't it? The last (and only) time I went on holiday with a boyfriend I broke up with him as soon as we returned. Seems like holidays can make or break a relationship.

Our holiday may well test us to the limit. Did I mention that my entire family are coming too? My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently and my siblings and I decided to pay for the whole family to go abroad for a week.

The in-laws plus hot sunshiney weather equals the worst holiday ever...but what makes BBE the Best Boyfriend Ever is his ability to understand (after a little guilt trip followed by barefaced blackmail) when he needs to do stuff he doesn't want to do just because I really want him to. And I don't make him do stuff he doesn't want to do very often...afterall I'm the Best Bird Ever!

So the last time my family saw me in a bikini I was still a teenager with a wierd anorexic looking underweight type body. Now I'm worried that the RSPCA might start poking me with sticks mistaking me for a beached whale.

I'm more concerned about getting my kit off in front of my family than in front of BBE. Whenever I complain about weight gain he cheers and quotes the Bare Naked Ladies at me "She's like a baby I'm like a cat, when we're happy we both get fat" he doesn't get fat though, the miserable git! Although he kindly insists he's getting a bit of a belly!

So naturally given that there's a holiday in the near future my thoughts turn to diets...but as with all thoughts of diets they immedietly get over taken by an overwhelming need to eat chocolate. In fact, the closer the holiday gets the more chocolate I eat.

So instead I've decided it would be better to take one for the team and just stay a bit overweight so that everyone else will feel better!


Good plan!