Thursday, 7 May 2009

No rest for the wicked...

I'm coming to the end of one of the busiest weeks I've ever known. There was a time, and it wasn't even all that long ago, that I has so much free time it was crazy. Except that, because all my free time was tied into the TV schedule it sort of seemed like I was busy, even though I was sat on my sofa all night watching TV.

I can't remember the last time I watched something in real time on the TV (unless you count the whole "these events occur in real time" of 24). I am completely up to date with 24 though and that was a real achievement of which I am quietly proud. It takes a certain amount of stamina mixed with laziness to watch 140 episodes in 6 weeks.

Its generally considered better to be busy what with the whole Devil making work for idle hands thing...apparently if you're sitting around doing nothing, then somehow unbeknown to you, you'll suddenly start plotting mass murder, or somehow arm a nuclear bomb. World War 2 possibly came about because young Adolf's train set broke.

Another over used expression is the whole "well I'll sleep when I'm dead" which we run the risk of happening sooner than we hope for given the both end burning candle thing people have a habit of doing.

I'm notoriously lazy so even when I agree to do something I know what excuse I'm going to give nearer the time to cancel. My boyfriend however does what he says he's going to do and has a diary that is bursting. Mostly with football and fixing computers.

This week though, we went out on Sunday, saw the Specials in Manchester on Monday, watched the Champions League semi on Tuesday, had a birthday meal out on Wednesday and tonight we saw Little Shop of Horrors at the theatre. Tomorrow we're going to watch wrestlin and Saturday another birthday party.

Roll on Sunday.

I keep buying presents for my boyfriend, I like buying him stuff, my way of showing him I'm thinking about him I suppose, and my way of rewarding him for being the best boyfriend ever! Plus I get to buy useless stuff that I want but just can't justify buying for myself.

Next week though, I think I'll try giving him the gift of time. While also treating myself to an unadulterated week of reaquainting my arse with my sofa and rediscovering the TV schedule.