Thursday, 16 April 2009


There are probably millions of things in this world that I don't know I've forgotten - given that I can't remember them now, I certaintly don't recall ever knowing them.

I used to have a great memory. I used to say things like "remember when.... yes you do, we were stood in town outside Burger King, and we bumped into John and he was saying...oooh i dunno about 6 years ago, I was on my lunch hour when I worked in Castle Street, it was a Wednesday" or something along those lines and I would be greeted with completely blank expressions.

Even a year ago I had a better memory than I do now. My boss found it odd that I never took notes in meetings but I still remembered all my action points. Now though my most over used phrase in work is "Shit! I forgot - sorry" which is followed by "write it down in future" which would be fine, except I don't even remember writing it down to read it

And I'm not sure what has caused this loss of memory...getting romance... although I'm not even certain I can remember when my boyfriends birthday is...I think it's the 4th Feb but I couldn't say for certain without checking my phone or Facebook or something.

I've been nurturing an addiction to 24 over the last few months. I'm up to episode 9 of series 4. I watch about 8 episodes at a time but then I forget what day it is in real life. This week I'm even more disorientated due to the long Easter bank holiday. I think today is Thursday but it feels like Wednesday and yet when I woke up I thought it was Friday.

I depserately want to reach series 7 while it's still on TV. My boyfriend has no one to talk to about Series 7 and I feel sad for him...he keeps telling me of the sleepless nights he has worrying about what's going to happen next and I am resolved to get up to speed so he can talk to me about it. Is is wierd that our biggest problem in life is having no one to talk to about a TV show? That the thing that worries us most is "how will Jack Bauer get out of this one?"

I should probably worry about my health or money or work or something...but I don't really have any particular worries. I'm in good - or at least managed - health, I earn a decent wage, and have good friends and family. What have I got to worry about?

Normally under these circumstances I should start worrying that my boyfriend will suddenly realise I'm a bit of a tit and dump me...but I can't even summon up that fear because if I'm a tit then so is he. So Jack Bauer it is then....God how Is he gonna get out of this one???