Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Travel Rage

Oh My God! I'm not saying I'm the worlds greatest driver but it seems that the streets of Waterloo are full of stupid dangerous drivers. So annoying.

And they all come along at once. So a 5 minute journey to work feels like a white knuckle ride.

Last week I opened the gates to my carpark - and that in itself is no mean feat...sometimes I can be pressing that damn remote control 30 times before it randomly decides to open the gate. But when the gates open there's a big van stopped across the driveway...who parks a van across a driveway for Gods sake??

So I squeezed myself out through the gap he'd left me and trundled on my way. As I'm pootling along a car infront of me starts indicating left, like he's about to pull in, park up, whatever...so as I move out to the right to over take him he suddenly swings right and parks on the other side of the road...er hello? I mean indicators are pretty self explanatory right? You move it that way to turn that way and this way to turn this way...

Of course if other drivers aren't being stupid then I'm getting lost... I nipped out to buy some bacon for breakfast on Sunday and on the way back managed to get in the wrong lane taking a slight detour round the cemetery at the end of the road.

I tend to go out of my way to avoid certain roads that I don't feel comfortable driving on. Unfortunately all of those roads lead from my house to my boyfriends house and I've had to learn to love them. But I constantly find myself in the wrong lane. We live 10 minutes from each other and yet sometimes it can take me 40 minutes to get home coz I somehow take a wrong turn. Still I've mastered it now.

I suppose there are worse ways to travel...

I went for a snowboarding taster session last weekend. it was hellacious!
Well maybe I exaggerate, it was kinda fun for about 2 seconds at a time...those 2 seconds inbetween wobbling about all over the place and crashing into the crash mats at the end of the slope. 2 seconds in which I somehow managed to stay upright! Then just as I'm congratualting myself on staying upright and thinking "wowee that was fun" I look up the hill to where everyone is lined up and realise I have to somehow walk back up there with a piggin' great snowboard attached to one foot!

The instructor tried to make us turn left and right, jump, and touch the board...I could just about go in a straightline. The only thing I did during the whole session that impressed the instructor was nearly take out a skier....apparently that is a good thing in snowboarding world - excellent -I should do just fine up a moutain then!

So - am I going to go on a snowboarding holiday with my boyfriend next year? I think so. But he's going to find out just what a nark I am when I can't do something right away, and I may need to take some lessons in seeing the funny side.

And if any skier indicates left and turns right he's getting the full force of my road rage!